How to make passive income on Amazon

Everyone can quickly earn passive income on Amazon, giving you know what you’re doing. Every entrepreneur must be looking for methods to make extra money through a side business. Passive income is the easiest way to add more to your assets.


One doesn’t need to create an e-commerce shop to sell goods online. Amazon provides everyone a platform to build an affiliate store that runs like an e-commerce website. In this, earn from qualifying purchases and programs through the traffic drive to Amazon. So, Bloggers, publishers, and content creators with a website or mobile app can participate in this program.

Affiliate marketing Amazon

However, Commission income for qualifying purchases and programs differs based on the product category. But One can earn $100 to $20,000 from this program. Because this program works on a commission basis which means you will get a percentage per sale. That is why a person with technical skills in affiliate marketing can earn hundreds of dollars.

So the more you monetize the traffic, the more you earn.

Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) is a new service that helps everyone to sell their products on Amazon without managing inventories. By using this model, you can make a network of suppliers and shippers across the globe. Actually, Wholesaling involves purchasing goods in bulk and then selling each unit on Amazon. Wholesale products, unlike most other products, have one key difference. They are existing products that have product listings on Amazon already.

Moreover, In this model, everyone learns how to source products and connect with suppliers, and create a setup to handle all the queries by Amazon.

Check stats of 3rd party selling on Amazon:

stats of amazon fba

How wholesale works on Amazon

Basic steps of wholesale selling on amazon in a nutshell;

  1. create a seller account
  2.  A high-demand product
  3. Sourcing the product
  4. Creating an optimized listing to rank against your competitors
  5. Launching and promoting the product 
  6.  Handling your business (including inventory, sales, etc.)

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