How to make and sell an NFT

How to make an NFT and Sell an NFT is now trending all over the globe. Many NFTs Auction is held online, and NFT digitally sold art in these Auctions. Many brands and Design Companies are paying attention to working on NFTs to enter the Metaverse.
So, We can say the market of NFT will stay for longer, and everyone is interested in knowing how to make NFT and How to sell NFT, so you are at the right site.In this article, we already know what is NFT, and we are all aware of its market. Recently many NFTs got auctions for millions of dollars. You will see how to create this artwork from scratch and sell it at auction.

How to create and sell an NFT

First of all, you need to mint a Digital artwork and sell it on different platforms. For this, you will need a platform and a payment wallet for the creation and auction of NFT.

There are many popular auctions platforms :

  • OpenSea 
  • SuperRare
  • Rarible
  • VIV3 
  • Foundation
  • Bakery Swap 
  • Nifty Gateway 
  • Axie Platform 
  • NFT Showroom

Payment Platforms with same Services:

  • Torus 
  • Coinbase 
  • Metamask
  • Portis
  • Walletconnect
  • myetherwallet
  • Fortmatic

1.Purchase some cryptocurrency to fund your wallet

Fund NFT wallet

Minting is a process where your artwork becomes a non-Fungilble token. In this process, every platform mentioned earlier will charge upfront to Mint a digital Artwork. This process requires an Ether(ETH), a cryptocurrency used for selling and purchasing. Ethereum is a native Cryptocurrency in which the first NFT was launched. So If you have ETH in your wallet, we will go to our next step. But if you haven’t any ETH in your wallet, you will need to add it through a Currency exchanger.

To illustrate this process, we will use MetaMask as a platform. It would have a browser extension and Mobile app. If you want to use another platform, then you can use any.

2.Create a digital wallet to pay for your NFT

Metamask extension and App

First, you will need to download MetaMask as Extension if you are using a desktop but can also install a mobile app. To Create a Digital wallet, you have to sign up there, fill in all required information, allow all security terms, and your account is ready.

3.Add some cryptocurrency to your wallet

Metamask wallet

After setting up a MetaMask account, you will need to add some Etherium in the MetaMask wallet or any other wallet. If you already have ETH, then we will go to the next step, but if you didn’t have so, you have to buy first Click on the buy button and choose Buy ETh with Wyre, and it will direct you to the payment page where you can select buy with Apple or Credit Card.
Buying ETH is short work to do. The prices of Cryptocurrency fluctuates, so be aware of buying ETH.

4.Connect your wallet to an NFT platform

Most of the wallets work in the same way. You will need to connect with NFT platforms. You can create NFT for the Illustrative process. We will be using You can use differ depending on you.


Go to, and in the right-hand corner of the screen, click on the button ‘connect wallet.’ On the next screen, you have to select your wallet. In our case, it will be MetaMask. An option will appear to connect with rarible. Next, confirm the terms and conditions.

5.Upload the file you like to turn into an NFT

Upload NFT

Your wallet is ready, and you have ETH to make payment; now, you are prepared to create an NFT. On the Rarible site, click on the start button. It will take you where you select the option to create a single. In single, you will need to upload a file that you want to mint into NFT. you can upload PNG, WEBP, GIF,MP4, AND MP3 files up to 30MBs.

6.Set up an auction for your NFT

The next part of the work is to choose an option on how to sell your NFT Artwork. There you have three options :

  1. Sell it at a fixed price
  2. Auction it the user will bid until you accept
  3. The third one is TImed Auction that lasts for a specific set time

Setting a reasonable price is very important here. We cannot place a low or high cost; for now, we will Set 1 ETH and let people bid on it for the next 7 days.

7. Add a description to sell your NFT

It would be best if you had the patience to sell your NFT. Add title and description to your NFT listing. Then you will be asked for the royalties percentage you want. Finally, you will add the properties of your artwork and done.

8.Pay the listing fee to sell your NFT

Finally, this is the last step to pay the listing fee for your NFT. Connect your wallet when you click on create the item. If it shows an insufficient balance, don’t worry. You can add funds directly from Rarible.The listing fee will be approximately 5 dollars, and at first, you have to pay $42.99 in ETH. You will also pay commission for each sale of NFT, and Rarible will charge every withdrawal.

So this is the entire model of creating and selling an NFT online. SO hope you have understood this before entering this market. You should be aware of the fluctuation of Cryptocurrency. For more posts, you can visit our website.

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