Apple IOS 15 Beta Release Date| Compatible Devices and New features

So, The last major software update for iPhone users was IOS 14. WHich was actually a great upgrade providing you new widgets. Allow users to customize smartphones with third-party apps as well as huge concerns to user’s privacy.

IOS 15 is coming in Autumn 2021 with some amazing and unexpected features to glued up users to screens.

ios 15 Beta Release date

Apple IOS 15 update is also bringing many new features like sharing music, videos, and multimedia files during Facetime/Video calls. It will actually call SharePlay an update to Apple Video calling Software FaceTime.

So many of these others feature along its compatible devices, release date, and how to get a beta update for IOS to check out below:

New Features of IOS 15 in Next Update:

SharePlay and many other amazing features are created for Facetime. Where you will allow sharing of your images, videos, etc to whom you calling . In addition, a massive update to manage notifications, streamline safari usage and organize music and pictures.

Introducing the “Live Text” feature in Photos to identify text such as phone numbers, addresses, or any useful information. It will let the user find more about arts,books, landmarks contained in images on your device and also in the safari visual lookup feature.

On Safari users will easily manage tabs and windows through the new group tab option.

Apple also introducing the Focus mode which will help users to get more control over their notifications while they are working.

IOS 14 Release date:

The official launch date of Apple software is not announced yet but we can say it will launch in Autumn 2021

According to tech big giant, Apple Keynote the month is September. So, IOS 15 will be announced on September 14. We will let know about the upcoming iPhone 13 and other models.

for more updates let us know.

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